The duration of the degree in Business Administration and Management is 4 years (8 semesters) and consists of 240 ECTS credits. The curriculum is designed for a full-time student to take 60 ECTS credits per academic year.
Structure of the curriculum

First Year

CS= Compulsory Subject

BF1 = Basic Formation

BF2= Basic Formation
Subject Type ECTS  
General Accounting CS 9.0
Mathematics BF2 9.0
Business Economics CS 4.5
Computer Science and Systems BF2 6,0
Macroeconomics BF1 9.0
Marketing CS 6.0
Microeconomics BF1 9.0
Oral and written communication CS 4.5
Christian Social Thought CS 3.0

Second Year

Subject Type ECTS  
Statistics BF1 6.0
Economic Structure BF1 9.0
Human resources management CS 6.0
Organizational behavior CS 6.0
Business law BF1 6.0
Cost Accounting CS 6.0
Operations management CS 6.0
Financial mathematics CS 4.5
Tax law CS 4.5
English BF2 6.0

Third Year

Subject Type ECTS  
Econometrics modeling and forecasting CS 6.0
Financial and analytical accountancy CS 9.0
Sales management CS 4.5
Strategic marketing CS 4.5
Business Ethics and C.S.R. CS 4.5
Labor law CS 4.5
International trade CS 4.5
Management control CS 4.5
Total Quality management CS 4.5
Internship CS 4.5  
Optional subjects ES 9.0  
Optional subject 
Consumer Behavior 12.0 6.0
Emotional Intelligence 12.0 3.0
Information Systems in Business Management 12.0 6.0
Market Research 12.0 6.0
Leadership 12.0 3.0
Person, Economy and Society 12.0 3.0

Fourth Year

Subject Type ECTS  
Financial management CS 9.0
Strategic Management and Business Policy CS 9.0
Final project CS 12.0
Elective courses ES 30.0  
Optional subjects 
Technology and Innovation Management   6.0
Media and advertising   6.0
Christianity and Society in the 21st century   3.0
Science, Technology and Society   3.0
Advanced Economic Structure   3.0
Applied Corporate Finance   6.0
Entrepreneurship   6.0
Globalization and Economic integration   3.0
Financial Markets   6.0
International Marketing   6.0
Logistics Management   6.0
Safety, Environment and Occupational Health   6.0
Negotiation Skills   3.0
Selling to Corporations   3.0

Effective Subjects

ECTS: European Credit Transfer System

Final year project 
The final year project consists of an in-depth student-developed business plan, which allows for the application of learned skills to a real-world business endeavor.  Students will work on the viability of a creative and innovative project and its development. You will receive the support of tutors and renowned professionals that will transmit their professional experiences to you, with guidance for the successful development of a business plan.
This exercise will encourage you to work in a team, develop your ability to analyze and synthesize, test your oral and written communication skills, as well as your information management and use of ICT. You will be asked to make decisions and choose alternatives in situations that may arise in your “future” companies.