Feed, Food and Environmental Safety (IQS-SAMA)

The activity of the group is focused on the study of organic pollutants from the environmental point of view, as well as their implication in food and feed safety issues. The most studied products are persistent pollutants, such as dioxins, furans, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), pesticides, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and mycotoxins. However, other pollutants are also studied, such as volatile organic compounds or surfactants. All these compounds are pollutants in the environment. However, due to their origin, use, or their properties of persistence and bioaccumulation, they can be also transferred to food and feed as non desirable substances. Our research wants to solve two main questions. The first one is to study the presence of these pollutants in the environment and in food and feed, their evolution and removal. The second one is to develop more rapid, reliable, sensitive and inexpensive analytical methodologies, which allow us to carry out the studies mentioned above. This group is recognized by Generalitat de Cataluña (Catalan Autonomous Government) as Grup Consolidat de Recerca (2009).

Chemical Engineering
Analytical Chemistry
Business Management

EPSP, Ingeniería de Procesos, Seguridad y Prospectiva
SAMA, IQS Group for Feed, Food and Enviromental Safety