Scholarships and Grants

The students have the Academic Excellence Scholarship offered by IQS.

University students are eligible to apply for scholarships from the  Ministry of Education and Science

Freshman can also apply for full or partial funding for your course from IQS. All applications are considered individually by the IQS Bursary Committee on the basis of information regarding income provided by the student. These bursaries are not based on the candidate's academic performance the previous year.

Scholarships are also awarded by the "Francesc Castelló" Foundation to students who have a strong academic record (average mark of 70-84% the previous year) and are having financial difficulties. The scholarships provide full or partial course funding.

The students of Degree in Farmacia can choose to different Scholarships.

Alternatively, you might like to consider applying for a loan to pay course fees. IQS has negotiated preferential conditions for students with a number of banks (La CaixaCatalunya CaixaBanco Santander, Banc Sabadell) and can help students with a good academic record to get an unsecured loan requiring only their promise to pay it back. Also there are interesting the conditions of ICO's lending across the Banco Santander.

All degree IQS students can apply for a  PEIQS scholarship.

On the other hand, the students of Master or TFC (Trabajo Final de Carrera) of IQS School of Engineering, has the scholarships Mariona Badia.

More detailed information on scholarships and loans is available from the IQS General Secretariat.