Students who want to do training in companies

The Recruitment Service manages the demands of trainig of the students of:

  • Licenciature and Degree in Chemistry
  • Engineering and Degree in Chemical Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering and Degree in Industrial Engineering Technology
  • Degree in Business Administration and Management

Master of:

  • Management in Industrial Companies
  • Global Entrepreneurship and Management
  • International Marketing and Sales Management
  • Bioengineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Materials Science
  • Industrial Engineering


  • The first contact with the labour world
  • Real opportunity to put into practice the theoretical knowledge and the acquired competitions
  • Selection to accede to a working place
  • Award a differential character in the Curriculum of the STUDENTS

How it work

  • Individual interview with Recruitment Service directors
  • Write the CV
  • Review of the offers published in the corresponding bulletin board
  • Sending of the CV indicating the companies for which the students are interested to the directors of the recruitment service.
  • The company will contact the candidate directly in order to start the selection process.
  • Once the company selects the candidate, communicates to the directors of recruitment service and the agreement formalizes Collaboration University Company.
  • All Degrees IQS incorporate practices in companies, once they have exceeded 50% of the credits of their degree.


  • Responsibility in the work
  • Quality of the work
  • Spirit of collaboration and critic
  • Acceptance of the procedure
  • Capacity of communication
  • Curiosity and interest to learn
  • Initiative and capture of decisions
  • Teamwork
  • Analytical Capacity
  • Ethical Commitment
  • Flexibility and adaptability to the needs of the market


Dra. Mar Guitert
Tel. 93. 2672000
Sra. Mónica Grillo
Tel. 93. 2672000

Training Regulation

Royal Decree 1707/2011, the Prime Minister, from November 18th on Educational Cooperation Programmes.