• IQSTF HOW-TO-PILL: Artificial Intelligence Debate

This talk will discuss the ethical considerations of utilizing AI in creative industries, exploring its power to produce both astonishing potential and dangerous consequences. It will examine how AI can have unseen impacts and the responsibility of creatives to ensure the safety of their work and the people they work with. By considering the debate between using and abusing AI, this talk will aim to make the audience more aware of the benefits and risks of this technology.

About the speaker:

Pau Garcia is a media designer and founder of Domestic Data Streamers, a studio based in Barcelona that, since 2013, has been focused on creating info-experiences and research worldwide for institutions such as the United Nations, Tate Modern, or the World Bank Organization. He also leads the Master in Data in Design at the School of Design and Engineering in Barcelona. He has been a guest lecturer at The New School, Hong Kong Design Institute, the Royal College of Arts, Politecnico di Milano and the Barcelona School of Economics. He founded the HeyHuman, an artist residency program that combines music, journalism, and data for art research and social justice. Usually, he doesn't speak in the third person.


Dimarts, Març 21, 2023
La Cambra de Comerç de Barcelona
IQS Tech Factory