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Coneix el Master in Global Entrepreneurial Management amb els nostres estudiants!

Si vols saber com és la vida universitària a IQS i conèixer tots els detalls del Global Master in Management, qui millor per explicar-t’ho que els nostres estudiants?
A IQS, cada alumne es una historia de motivació, dedicació i èxit. Des de la seva experiència, podràs tenir una visió més exacte del contingut del màster, de les assignatures i de l’impacte en el futur professional dels alumnes en el món del entrepreneurial management.

Thaïs Jeanneney

"As our programme is very comprehensive and includes projects with real clients, I think I will be able to cope with a maximum of challenges and difficulties in the world of entrepreneurship and consulting."

Llegir la seva experiència

Karishma Bali

"Our cohort represented 30 students from 16 nationalities, and that created an environment for truly experiential and open learning that extended well beyond the classroom setting."


Llegir la seva experiència

Delfí López

"I wanted to develop a global mindset – that’s why I enrolled the MGEM Programme. It was my chance to understand international business best practices and learn how the global markets operate. I got to do all that while traveling across the world and meeting great people who have become a valuable professional network at a larger stage. Nowadays, I can say it was the best experience and I would definitely recommend to anyone. The MGEM clearly prepares you for a global career."


Class of 2011-2012. Currently CEO at Monocrom