• Postdoctoral researcher to work on Protein engineering of carbohydrate active enzymes

Two-year Research position for a recent PhD to work on protein engineering of carbohydrate active enzymes at the Laboratory of Biochemistry-GQBB, Bioengineering Department, Institut Químic de Sarrià, University Ramon Llull in Barcelona.

The Laboratory offers a postdoc position in Protein engineering of carbohydrate active enzymes to work in the framework of several funded projects and collaborations. Position for two years starting by December 2022.

The research at the Laboratory of Biochemistry focuses on Carbohydrate Active Enzymes (glicosidases, glycosyltransferases and esterases) involved in the biosynthesis, modification and degradation of glycans and glycoconjugates, from fundamental aspects of their mechanism, specificity and regulation to their applications in biocatalysis, synthetic biology and as therapeutic targets in infectious diseases (https://planaslab.iqs.edu/).

You will participate in two projects:

  • Cell wall peptidoglycan modifications as a strategy used by pathogenic bacteria to evade immune responses. Mechanisms and opportunities for novel therapeutic targets against infectious diseases.
  • Biocatalysis with engineered enzymes for the sustainable production of high-value glycans and glycoconjugates with applications in biomedicine and food technology.

Contract under the INVESTIGO program funded by AGAUR, Generalitat de Catalunya in the framework
of the “Pla de Recuperació, Transformació i Resiliència” 

Applicant’s profile

a) Skills/qualifications

  • PhD in Chemistry, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, or alike.
  • Experience in molecular cloning, protein expression and protein engineering, preferably on carbohydrate active enzymes, and skills in bioinformatics and molecular modeling.
  • Communication and team building skills for collaborative work in a research team.
  • Managing abilities to supervise MS and undergrad students.
  • Fluent in English.

b) Specific requirements

  • Requirements from the INVESTIGO program
  • Be less than 30 years-old at the date of the contract (by December 2022)
  • Be unemployed and registered at SOC (Servei d’Ocupació de Catalunya) as “active applicant looking for occupation”
  • Have not been employed by the University Ramon Llull (and any of its centers) during the last 6 month from the date of the contract (by December 2022)

Main Tasks and responsibilities

  •  The successful candidate is expected to work collaboratively and contribute to several projects on protein engineering with PhD students, external collaborators and the PI, and take initiatives to start new projects. The position will combine experimental work on protein engineering (rational and directed evolution approaches) and computer-aided protein design.
  • Participation in writing scientific reports and papers, attending project meetings and scientific conferences, and in outreach activities within the project. 

Application deadline

November 20th, 2022
Immediate incorporation. Contract starting by December 2022
Full-time position for 2 years,
Salary based on merits and qualifications. 

Application documents

Submit your application to antoni.planas@iqs.url.edu and rrhh@iqs.url.edu, with the subject heading: INVESTIGO offer GQBB

Including the following documents:

  • Letter of interest in the specific program, detailing previous experiences. Describe experimental techniques and skills
  • Full CV and reprints of two main publications by the applicant
  • Two letters of recommendation from scientists with whom the researcher has collaborated (or contact information to ask for letters of recommendation