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Who is the controller of the processing your personal data?

390, 08017 Barcelona, Tel: 93 267 20 01, email: pd@iqs.edu, www.iqs.edu (hereinafter, IQS). You can contact the Data Protection Officer (DPO) at dpoiqs@iqs.edu.


For what purposes do we process your personal data?

IQS collects personal data to make a record of enrolment and, based on this, provide the higher education services you have requested. The data provided and data that will be produced through academic activity will serve as the basis for evaluating this activity, managing academic records, administrative affairs, identifying users of IQS services, and facilitating access to these services, providing information of interest, issuing and recording degrees, and promoting and tracking workforce participation.


For how long will we store your data?

The data will be erased when they are no longer necessary in fulfilling the purposes for which they were collected. The most relevant information, such as accreditation of the studies taken, is permanently stored in compliance with Official Journal of the Government of Catalonia standard: 3431. ORDER of 3 July 2001, approving and amending documentary evaluation tables. Codes 401 to 419. The criteria for storing or erasing data are based on the regulatory standards governing public documentation or derived from the exercise of governmental functions.


What is the legal basis for processing the data?

Data processing is carried out in fulfilling our public interest mission, which is providing higher education services. Some processing, such as disclosures to other institutions or public authorities, is carried out pursuant to legislation on universities, mainly Organic Law 6/2001, of 23 December, on Universities, and Law 1/2003 and its implementing regulations, of 19 February, on universities in Catalonia.


To which parties are your data transmitted?

Data are disclosed to different institutions, always for specific purposes and only proportionally, that is, exclusively disclosing the essential data for fulfilling a given purpose. In order to accredit the studies taken and issue degrees, data are disclosed to the Ramon Llull University Fundación Privada. In compliance with legal regulations, data are disclosed to insurance and banking entities for payment purposes. For internships, data are disclosed to host companies or institutions. For participation in university rankings through teacher quality surveys, data are disclosed to companies and institutions that carry them out. Data are also disclosed to other academic institutions in the event that a part of a student's studies are taken there. With a student's consent, the data can be disclosed to professional entities such as the AIQS (IQS Alumni Association) and non-profit organisations.


Are there other companies or institutions that access the data?

IQS obtains services from private companies that provide their experience and expertise. On some occasions, these external companies must access personal data held by IQS. Services are only contracted with companies that guarantee compliance with data protection regulations. The confidentiality obligations of these companies are formalised when the contract is drawn up and their performance is monitored. For example, certain data may be stored in servers contracted through specialised companies or public institutions that offer services to the university system of Catalonia. Likewise, companies that offer computer support for the use of programs and security, labour, and accounting consultancy companies may access information and data held by us.

You can obtain detailed information about the companies that offer these services at any time by contacting pd@iqs.edu.


What are my rights regarding data processing?

Anyone has the right to obtain confirmation about whether IQS is processing their personal data. If IQS is processing your personal data, you have the right to know where the data were obtained and, if the data were not provided directly, the purpose for which they are intended and the transfers that have been made or are envisaged to be made. The laws recognise a data subject's right to access their data, as well as to request the rectification of inaccurate data or, where appropriate, request its erasure when the data is no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected and there is no obligation to store them. Data shall be erased immediately when IQS processes the data solely based upon the consent of the data subject. In certain circumstances, data subjects may request the restriction of the processing of their data. This right gives them control over this data mainly in order to correct inappropriate processing and to lodge complaints to defend their rights.


How can you exercise or defend your rights?

You can exercise or defend your rights by addressing any of the contacts listed above. If you believe that your rights have not been properly upheld, you may lodge a complaint with the Catalan Data Protection Authority (www.apd.cat). You may directly address the IQS Data Protection Officer (DPO) at any time by emailing dpoiqs@iqs.edu.