• Mission

    IQS School of Management

Our mission is to provide comprehensive education for people with the attitudes, knowledge and skills that enable and inspire them to create, lead and manage competitive organisations, particularly in technological and industrial areas, committed to excellence and justice, based on deeply-held values that derive from a Christian conception of life. The Mission of the IQS School of Management emanates from IQS's mission and is coherent with it.


vision of IQS School of Management

The IQS School of Management strives to be recognised as one of the best undergraduate schools for Business Administration in Spain, and wishes to stand out for its specific Masters' programmes, and for the for its graduates’ comprehensive education and their capacity to manage industrial and technological organisations. 


values of IQS School of Management

  • Education in judgement and reflection.
  • Ethical personal and professional behaviour based on mutual respect, defending Human Rights and integrity, in accordance with the Gospel.
  • The value of human beings based on four dimensions: the practical dimension (utilitas), the civic-social dimension (justice), the human-personal dimension (humanitas) and the religious dimension (fides). 
  • Learning as a life-long process spurred on by one's own actions. 
  • Commitment to rigorous work, the value of effort and personal dedication.
  • The value of production, development and innovation as sources to create wealth, and the acknowledgement of justice as the guarantee for an equitable distribution of wealth.
  • The value of business as an entity that generates employment and resources in the long term.
  • The importance of corporate social responsibility when taking business decisions.
  • Continuous quality improvement to better serve our stakeholders (students, faculty, business men, graduates...) and fulfil their expectations.
  • The development of a community of shared culture among faculty and students which does not end on graduation but continues through the Business Alumni Association. 


goals of IQS School of Management

The IQS School of Management has the following goals:

  • To develop and maintain the processes and programmes necessary to provide our students with a top-quality education in Business Administration that demonstrate our commitment to excellence and continuous improvement in coherence with our mission and the recognition of the international educational community.
  • To recruit, nurture and provide support to the faculty who identify with the values of IQS School of Management who actively contribute in achieving the university’s mission and goals. 
  • To recruit students with the potential necessary to complete their studies, and provide them with the competences that will enable them to quickly integrate and contribute effectively in the business world.
  • To guarantee that the IQS School of Management is recognised for its prestige and commitment to quality, reinforcing strong ties with its graduates and strengthening its external communication policy.