UNIJES, Jesuit Universities is the network of university centres related to the Society of Jesus in Spain. The following Universities are members of UNIJES: Universidad de Deusto, Universidad Pontificia de Comillas, IQS, ESADE, ETEA, Universidad de Loyola in Andalusia, INEA, Ceste Cantabria, Escuelas Profesionales Sagrada Familia SAFA, Facultad de Teología in Granada, Institut de Teologia Fonamental and TSI Turismo Sant Ignasi. The Federation of Jesuit Centres aims to provide a platform for the promotion of convergence of policies and strategies, of combining resources and activities and of coordinating styles and ways of moving forward to reach the objectives of the Mission.

The centres comprising UNIJES commit themselves to constantly look for a better quality of University services offered to society, facing the challenge of pursuing excellence with respect to teaching, research and transfer, combined with social responsibility.
  • In the field of teaching, and by applying the Ignatian paradigm of teaching and learning, the institutions commit themselves not only to train excellent professionals, but also to produce responsible citizens, whose values are based on Christian humanism employing  their talents in a fairer way and fostering a more caring society.
  • In the field of research, the Jesuits aspire to publish quality research, preferring and giving priority to fields of knowledge considered relevant to solve serious social problems, encouraging international and interdisciplinary research teams and seeking unbiased external recognition of quality.
  • In the field of social responsibility, the aim is to offer University services in the intricate dialogues and debates currently taking place regarding issues such as: intercultural, inter-religion, across political parties and economic contexts, emphasising a particular concern for individuals at risk of social exclusion.
UNIJES firmly believes that the University centres, from their identity and mission, are able to achieve all of the aforementioned commitments through devote collaboration and strategic cooperation, thus providing more effective and impactful University services for the betterment of society.