IQS has joined the Safe Environment project promoted by the Society of Jesus, which has implemented it across all its universities and colleges through the UNIJES Universities network.

What is the objective of the "Safe Environment" Project?

The Safe Environment project was created due to a specific plea from Pope Francis to support a culture of treating others properly and showing respect for all people, ensure the creation of a safe environment and wellbeing for everyone, and guarantee protection for all, especially individuals who may find themselves in vulnerable situations, throughout institutions associated with the Society of Jesus in Spain.

The Project is based on the following pillars:

  • To create welcoming, respectful, and safe environments.
  • To promote treating people around us the way we wish to be treated.
  • To support the culture of protection and assistance and protect any minor or adult in a vulnerable situation (MAV).
  • To report any inappropriate practices or abusive behaviour.

Who can I contact?

IQS has a Safe Environment Officer who, along with a team formed by other members of the IQS community, are in regular contact with the experts at the Society of Jesus to guarantee integrity and rigour in following up on cases and improving prevention.

  • Merce Pedrola – Safe Environment Officer
  • Carlos Bel – HR Director
  • Eva Barreda – HR staff
  • Luisa Borondo – HR staff
  • Oriol Quintana – Head of Identity and Mission
  • Eduard Serra – Head of Occupational Risks at IQS/Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science Professor and Researcher
  • Ricard Santomà - Vicedean of Tourism (SM)
  • Ana Belén Cuenca – Department of Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry (SE) Professor and Researcher
  • Jose Luis Sánchez – Department of Business Management (SM) Professor and Researcher
  • Maria Serrat – Chromatography Laboratory (CROMA)
  • Elena Peribañez – Student Life 

If you need to reach us, you can do so by contacting any member of the safe environment team or by sending an email to entornoseguro@iqs.url.edu.

Where can you find more information?

The IQS Safe Environment team has developed the following protocols:

  • Protocol for preventing, reviewing, and taking action for cases of workplace harassment/mobbing
  • Protocol for preventing, reviewing, and taking action for possible cases of harassment/bullying among students 
  • Protocol for preventing, reviewing, and taking action on cases of sexual harassment (pending approval by the Board of Directors)
  • Information protocol on managing student study abroad, volunteer activities, and sports [proper and improper conduct]  (pending approval by the Board of Directors) 

The Society of Jesus has produced various materials including a Safe Environment Guide and a Manual that provide expanded information on behaviours that could lead to abuse, how to prevent them, and how to detect them. For more information, please visit the Society of Jesus Safe Environment website: Society of Jesus Safe Environment.