• Transparency in IQS

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We want to be a transparent university in our management and give access to all information.

This section is open and freely accessible to everyone who wants to consult and review transparency, access public information and good governance, agreements and contracts signed with the administration as well as subsidies and aid

We seek an environment and spaces where everyone feels safe. We aim to create a culture of treating others properly and with care.


What is the objective of the "Safe Environment" Project?

Whistleblower Channel

The IQS whistleblower channel aims to provide a secure and confidential means for individuals to report risks, negligence, suspicions of irregular conduct, and regulatory breaches.


This section contains the subsidies and public aid received in the last five years in accordance with the Law 19/2014, of September 29, on transparency, access to public information and good governance and the Order JUS/152/2018, of September 12, establishing the level of subjection of foundation and associations declared of public interest to the instruments of transparency established by Law 21/2014, of 29 December, on the protectorate of foundations and verification of the activity of associations declared of public interest.

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