• Board of Trustees

The purpose of the IQS Private Foundation, a Higher Technical Education Centre, is to manage and administrate IQS, which was founded by the Society of Jesus in 1916 with the goal of educating people so that they acquire a thorough university education based on a solid human and Christian education so that they become capable of holding positions of responsibility in the world of business and industry.

The highest governing body of the foundation is the Board of Trustees, which represents the foundation.

The Board of Trustees have the following functions and obligations:

  • Ensuring that the goals of the foundation are met in accordance with the provisions of the articles of association and the law.
  • Conserving the assets and rights that make up the endowment of the foundation and fully maintaining productivity in accordance with financial criteria and economic circumstances.
  • Serving in the position with the due diligence of a loyal administrator.

The Board of Trustees is currently made up of nine members. The Trustees shall be elected and renewed, when appropriate, by the Delegate of the Catalan Regional Platform of the Society of Jesus. The Board of Trustees is therefore comprised of people who understand and appreciate the institution and are connected to civil, scientific and economic society where IQS is based.


Fr Enric Puig Jofra, SJ - Chairman

Mr Josep Arcas Romeu - Member

Dra María del Carmen Llasat Botija - Member


Sr Marian Puig Guasch - Vice-chairman

Fr Silvestre Falguera Noya, SJ - Member

Dr Josep F. Mària Serrano, SJ - Member

Mrs Alexandra Molina-Martell Ramis - Secretary  

Dr Enrique López Viguria - Member

Dr Vicenç Pedret Clemente - Member