• Basic Business Concepts

    A pamphlet with basic economics formulas and resources for high school Baccalaureate students

Basic concepts and formulas for economics and business

If you are a high school Baccalaureate student and economics is one of the subjects you are studying, this information is for you. Professors from the IQS School of Management have created a pamphlet that presents the most common formulas and basic concepts covered in secondary school to offer you a resource with everything you need right at your fingertips.

It's the easiest way to do practice exercises, work, and even prepare for exams.


Who is this pamphlet intended for?

  • Students in the 1st or 2nd year of high school Baccalaureate Humanities and Social Studies or Vocational Education programmes that have economics, business, or related classes among their subjects.
  • For students in compulsory secondary school who want to prepare for the Baccalaureate level or Vocational Education.
  • For secondary school teachers who are seeking resources for their classes and their students.


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