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The IQS Career Services Job Exchange offers students the opportunity to find their first job in leading national and international companies. IQS works in close collaboration with top companies in all sectors to facilitate access to the labour market for our students.

IQS Career Services gives advice and support throughout the job search process. In addition to other activities, IQS also provides tools to successfully complete an interview, boast an attractive profile on Social Media, and carry out an effective networking strategy.


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95% of IQS students find a job within three months of graduation


At the IQS Job Exchange you‘ll find recently graduated candidates, both from Master's and Undergraduate Programmes. Our graduates have received training with strong academic rigour, along with a relevant practical dimension that enables them to successfully contribute right from the first day in the workplace. All graduates have previous in-company experience as they must have completed at least one internship period.

The companies that hire IQS students place great value on their talent and training which is why companies ask our recent graduates to join their teams.

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