• Workshops

At IQS Careers Service, we offer students workshops and training to make easier their entry into the workplace. In this way, the future graduate will know from the hand of experts the new trends in recruitment, how to make their CV, personal work experiences, among other activities to help with the first contacts with the professional world.

Group dynamics workshop

Group dynamics simulation of a selection process.

Facing the interview: competency interviews

How to prepare the selection interview and what are interviews by competences.

Job Search 2.0: SSMM and LinkedIn

Where to look for work, how to enhance the profile on the Internet, keys and tricks to highlight it so that the companies find it.

Your CV, the key to success

Having a good CV is key to make a good impression and being called for an interview. At IQS we show you how to highlight your strengths.

Corporate presentations. Companies show their projects and offer the chance to recruit students.

Guest speakers. Business executives give sessions on their own experience and career plans of their company.

Visits to companies during the academic year.