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One of the greatest strengths at IQS is combining the School of Engineering and the School of Management on a single campus where the synergies between them facilitate a 360° vision of any business challenge.

Do you have a business idea but still need to polish its technical development? Have you developed a technology that you think has market potential? Do you work for a company and have an idea that would revolutionize your department?

Mentor Network and Scientific Advisory Board

Considering that more than 400 business initiatives have been created through IQS over the years, IQS TECH FACTORY remains in close contact with their drivers so their experiences can give future entrepreneurs a different point of view and to be there for you on your entrepreneurial journey.

If you'd like to find out more about our network of mentors, send us a message and we'll put you in touch with them!

Just as important as the business model is the technology that sustains it or provides a competitive advantage to the project. Therefore, we have created our very own Scientific Advisory Board, which is involved in all the technological and scientific possibilities offered by the School of Engineering to point you towards the best IQS research group or partners for you.

Open Innovation

IQS Tech Factory provides a wide variety of training activities and actions to promote entrepreneurship and innovation. Our ongoing relationship with established companies and startups in the sector is a key aspect in launching a successful business idea.

Corporations – for example, companies that form part of the IQS Business Foundation – tend to have somewhat slower dynamics than startups and are often interested in being able to create synergies with smaller and more agile entities in order to provide solutions or competitive advantages in a shorter time.
The symbiotic relationship between sharks and remora fish illustrates a graphic example of this.


What happens when, in your position within a company, you see a business opportunity, improvement, or possible implementation that would enhance performance or productivity and you'd like to bring it up to decision makers? Do you want to encourage creativity and innovation among your coworkers?

DISRUPTING THE COMPANY is the programme that brings all these issues together.

Corporate venturing

IQS TECH FACTORY is fully committed to acting as a driver of these symbiotic relationships between startups and corporations, making synergy an unbeatable win-win: companies usually have vast experience and a solid commercial network, while startups provide new and agile ways to tackle problems.
It's a winning combination, don't you think?

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En IQS Tech Factory apoyaos a todos los alumnos o exalumnos que necesitan soporte para lanzar su startup sea del área que sea. Nuestras startups asesoradasAt IQS Tech Factory, we're here for all students or alumni who need support to launch their startup in any area. The startups we have advised fall under areas as diverse as the Hospitality, Healthcare, Chemical, Sports, Marketing, Software, Tourism, and Events sectors.

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