Pilot Plant

More than 130 m2 dedicated to development, bioprocess optimisation, and batch manufacturing. We are equipped with the technology to work on volumes that range from 1 litre to 100 litres to facilitate future transfers at industrial scales.

We offer downstream design services with cell disruption, continuous flow centrifugation, and tangential filtration in different types of membranes that allow us to maximise the recovery of the products of interest. We also offer a freeze-drying service. Our aim is to provide our partners with more efficient and cost-effective recovery operations.

Molecular Biology and Biocatalysis Laboratories

With the capacity to conduct microorganism screening studies, gene cloning, protein expression, and biocatalysis in general. We rely on an experienced team focused on finding the optimal solution to our partners’ needs.

Analysis Laboratory

In addition to bioprocess monitoring (nutrient consumption analysis, protein expression, and other parameters) the analytical chemistry laboratories at IQS Tech Transfer provide the capacities to follow up on intermediate products and to characterise and perform quality control on finished products.

Contact us

Tel: 618 66 65 84