• Chemistry



The objective of the Master’s Degree in Chemistry from the Universitat Ramon Llull is:

To train professionals and researchers with a hard-working profile for research and for the development of products, processes and services in different industrial sectors related to chemistry, particularly in the pharmaceuticals, analytical and materials fields. These professionals and researchers must have the following

  • Advanced knowledge in different disciplines of chemistry where the Master’s degree is focused (pharmaceutical chemistry, analytical chemistry, new materials); which allows them to identify and work out problems, develop and implement original ideas and integrate new knowledge throughout their professional life.
  • Expertise in chemical and management tools for research, development and production of chemical products and services.
  • Knowledge of industry and emerging trends in the usage of chemistry.
  • Skills in managing knowledge and ability to lead projects.


The objective of the specialty in Pharmaceutical Chemistry is to provide an overview of the whole process of R&D of a drug (Pharmaceutical Chemistry), the design phase by using computational chemistry (Molecular Design) and its synthesis (Advanced Synthesis). Through the optional subjects of the Optional Module the student can complement their training by the therapeutic (Pharmacology, Photochemistry and Photobiology) or productive (Chemistry in Industry, Process Chemistry) aspects


The objective of the specialty in Analytical Chemistry is to provide for the students the necessary tools to globally face an analytical process. This is emphasized with the knowledge to apply analytical processes to the main analytical matrices. This way, the specialty deals with matrices of agricultural or alimentary origin (Agroalimentary Analysis), with samples of pharmaceutical origin (Pharmaceutical Analysis), and improves one’s knowledge of the analytical chemistry contribution to the conservation of the environment (Analysis of the Environmental Quality).


The objective of the specialty in Materials Science is to improve one’s knowledge of the relationship structureproperties of materials to provide students with tools that allow designing new materials with specific properties by changing the structure. A special emphasis is devoted on how the development of new materials can be related to the technological advance (Advanced Materials) and how to characterize the structure and how it can be modified (Materials Characterization). It would also emphasize the way in which the development of materials can be used to afford a marketable product (Formulations).

The Master is aimed to Graduate’s degrees in the EHEA (European Higher Education Area) in Chemistry, Pharmacy, Chemical Engineering, Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Nanotechnology who want to complement or focus their career into the specialties of the Master. Holders of the Master’s degree will be able to practice as high-level research and innovation professionals in industry or to continue their academic career with a subsequent PhD.




€186 ECTS (couse 2013/14).
IQS graduates have special conditions on access and enrollment.