• Conference "Enterpreneurship: Lessons and Experience From India"

The conference "Entrepreneurship: Lessons and Experience From India", which will be held at the IQS campus on 16 June and led by Saras Sarasvathy, an internationally recognized academic expert, author of the theory of Effectuation, and winner of the Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research for her pioneering research on entrepreneurial decision-making and the entrepreneurial process.

Dr Saras will share knowledge on the keys to success for entrepreneurs, their reasoning and decision-making processes, and how companies are created in uncertain situations. She will also explain how to take advantage of risks and difficulties to create new opportunities.

In addition, attendees at the conference will learn about the characteristics of the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem in India and its differences with the European and American systems. Social entrepreneurship, microcredit, and the role of women will be highlighted among other prominent themes.




Thursday, June 16, 2022
IQS - Via Auguta 390
IQS School of Management
6:00 pm