• Curriculum

The Master's Degree in Industrial Business Management (MBIM) includes 60 credits that you must take at the same time that you do the Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering. In order to optimize your academic period and according to the contents of the Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering, credit recognition is established according to the chosen Master of IQS School of Engineering, so in this case, you must take 36 credits from the total of 60 ECTS, in addition to the Internships and Master's Thesis.

The Internships have a personalized treatment, to consult with the Coordinator. The Master Thesis of the Master's Degree in Industrial Business Management consists in complementing the Final Project of the scientific-technical Program with a business and economic point of view.

In the case of the Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering with a specialty in Business Management, a recognition of 33 credits is established. Thus the student will have to take only 27 credits out of a total of 60 ECTS of the Master in Industrial Business Management, in addition to the Internship and the Master Thesis.

Subject Recognition

MIBM SubjectsIndustrial EngineeringIndustrial Engineering (Business Management specialy)
Economic Analysis3,03,0
International Economics3,03,0
General Accounting3,03,0
Cost Control**
Planning an Audit of Financial Statements3,03,0
Business Law4,54,5
Human Resources Management4,54,5
Logistics and Processes**
Analysis and Strategic Planning4,5*
Quality Management3,03,0
Innovation Management**
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)3,03,0