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Specific data protection policies. Registration process


Who is responsible for processing the data?

Institut Químic de Sarrià, CETS Private Foundation, CIF G58022849, residing at Via Augusta, 390, 08017 Barcelona, ​​Tel: 93 267 20 01, email: pd@iqs.edu, www.iqs.edu (hereinafter IQS). You can contact the Data Protection Officer (DPO) through dpoiqs@iqs.edu.


For what purpose we treat personal information?

IQS personal records to record registration and based on this, provide higher education services you have requested. The data provided and that will be the academic serve as a basis for evaluation of this activity, the management of the academic, administrative, identification as users of services and facilitate the IQS access to these services to get useful information, log processing and issuing titles and the promotion and monitoring of the labor market.


How long retain the data?

The data will be deleted when no longer necessary to fulfill the purpose, which has motivated its collection. The most important information, such as proof of the studies, remains permanently in compliance DOGC: 3431. ORDER of 3 July 2001 approving and amending evaluation tables documentary, Codes 401 to 419. The criteria are based on conservation or removal of regulations that apply to public documents or arising from the exercise of public functions.


What is the legitimacy for the treatment of the data?

The data processing is carried out in fulfillment of a mission of public interest, as is the provision of higher education. Some treatments, such as communication to other institutions or government, made in compliance universities, mainly Organic Law 6/2001 of 23 December on Universities, Law 1/2003, February 19 universities of Catalonia, and its implementing regulations.


Who communicate data?

The data are reported to different institutions always for explicit purposes and only in proportion, or communicating only the data required for the fulfillment of that purpose. For the purposes of recognition of studies and issuance of communicating to the Ramon Llull University Foundation. In compliance with legal regulations, communicate insurers and banks charging purposes. For the realization of the practices are communicated to the host companies or institutions. For participation in university rankings through surveys of teaching quality in companies and institutions that perform. Also provided to other academic institutions if they complete part of the studies. With the consent of the data students can provide professional organizations, as AIQS - IQS Alumni Association -, And nonprofit organizations.


There are other companies or institutions that access the data?

IQS obtains services from private companies that bring their experience and expertise. Sometimes these external companies have access to personal responsibility IQS. Only companies that are contracted services ensure compliance with data protection regulations. At the time of hiring these companies is formalized with its confidentiality obligations and monitors their performance. For example, certain data can reside on servers contracts specialized companies or public institutions that offer services to the university system in Catalonia. Also, access to information and data from our liability companies offering computer support for the use of programs, security companies and labor consultants and accountants. You can get accurate information about the companies that offer this service at any time by contacting pd@iqs.edu.


What rights exist in relation to the processing of data?

Everyone has the right to obtain confirmation of whether IQS is trying their personal data. If so you have the right to know where the data have been obtained in the case have not been provided directly to the purpose allocated and assignments have been made or are planned carry. The laws recognize the persons concerned the right to access their data and request the correction of inaccurate data or, if necessary, request its deletion when the data are no longer needed for purposes for which they were collected and there is no obligation to retain them. The removal must be done immediately when IQS data is only based on the consent of the person concerned. In certain circumstances, those interested can request the limitation of processing of their data rights under the control of these data mainly in the face of inadequate treatment and correct complaints in defense of their rights.


How can we defend the rights or exercise?

By writing the references listed in the header. If a person believes that their rights have not been properly served, may file a complaint with the Catalan Data Protection Authority (www.apd.cat). At any time, you can contact directly to the Data Protection Officer (DPO) of QS by email dpoiqs@iqs.edu.