Admission Routes



Route 0 – Students who have passed the university entrance exam (PAU) or equivalent.

-       Upper secondary school (Bachillerato) and PAU grades at the earliest opportunity. Copy of PAU results sheet.

-       Nationals of an EU country, or living in Spain, who have studied in a non-European academic system and do not have a reciprocity agreement with Spain, please contact IQS’s General Secretary Department at You will be required a copy of your university access recognition application.


Route 1 - Students from educational systems of State members of the European Union, or other States that have signed international agreements applicable in this regard (including International Baccalaureate).

-       Spanish University access credential issued by UNED (original document or certified copy).

Route 2 – Graduate students and equivalent

-       Undergraduate diploma and academic records, needed in case of acknowledgement of credits.

Route 3 – Students holding Higher Vocational Training qualifications, FP2 and MP3

-       Academic certificate including average grade.


Route 4 – Students who have passed the PAU or equivalent and a partially-completed undergraduate degree

-       Copy of PAU results sheet and copy of the academic transcript transfer application.


Route 8 – Students with CFGS, FP2 or equivalent and a partially-completed undergraduate degree

-       Academic certificate including average grade and copy of the academic transcript transfer application.


Routes – Students aged 25 or over, 40 or over, 45 or over

-       Corresponding academic certificate.



Students starting an Undergraduate Program in 2014-2015 and onwards must provide proof of knowledge of a third language in order to graduate. +info



Students from any national or foreign university system must address their application, together with their official academic certification, to the Permanent Commission of the Academic Committee, which will review each case and establish the corresponding credit recognition. 



In order to access the second year of any IQS Undergraduate Program students must pass all first year courses. Students have two years to pass first year. The first-year evaluation commission, formed by the General Director of IQS, the School’s Dean, the General Secretary, and the first year’s tutor and professors, individually review each student’s record and set the final grade.


Students of other years cannot move forward to the next year if they fail over 36 ECTS credits.