Grants and Assistance

IQS dedicates a limited fund to provide grants and fund part of the cost of tuition for students enrolling in de the Undergraduate Program in Business Administration and Management, the Undergraduate Program in International Marketing, the Undergraduate Program in Biotechnology, the Undergraduate Program in Chemical Engineering, the Undergraduate Program in Chemistry, the Undergraduate Program in Industrial Engineering Technology and Double Undergraduate Programs.


Students taking the Degree in Pharmacy may apply for different Grants and Assistance.  

  • Grant Application (Ayuda familiar) +info  
  • Becas a la excelencia  y descuentos +info  


With regard to master's degrees, IQS provides grants to students who wish to study a master's degree at IQS and who have carried out their undergraduate studies in another university.


With regard to doctorate degrees, IQS provides assistance to students who wish to study a doctorate degree at IQS. +info + Application Form


Students may also consider applying for a loan to pay for the registration fee. IQS has agreed preferential terms and conditions with different banks and savings banks for its students:


Banc Sabadell

Banco Santander