• Career Opportunities

Some of the professional opportunities for a graduate in Industrial Engineering include the following:

Companies in different industrial sectors: aeronautics, automotive, power, robotics, electrical, machine tool industry or metallurgy.

Project engineering companies and design centers. 

Technical departments at industrial and service companies.

Industrial building and maintenance companies

Technological development centers and laboratories.

Technical and business consulting companies.

Public administration.

In the fields mentioned, graduates will be able to:

Developement, design and building of infrastructures

Supervise and develop projects of installation, assembly or use of machinery, electronic and energy installations.

Analyze and improve industrial products and processes.

Collaborate in the development of new products and processes, in the recycling and treatment of industrial waste, in the experimentation and use of raw materials and in tasks related to the technical-economic evaluation of resources.

Work in environmental, management and quality control, safety and health areas.