• Admission Criteria

Admission requierements

  • Having finished the IQS Master in Investigation in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering or another official research Master and having overcome 300 ECTS within the grade and the master.
  • If their training in research methodology is not enough, the candidate will have to take additional training determined by the IQS Doctoral Commission.
  • Being accepted to do a node/45e under the direction of a PhD advisor in a research group.
  • Following the admission procedure according to the Bioengineering node/45e program regulation.
  • Foreign candidates will have to fulfill all these requirements in an equivalent way(certified copy of the title, transcript of records and, if necessary, the legal requirements to live in Spain).

Preregistration procedure

Candidates will have to submit to the IQS General Secretariat the documentation necessary to prove that they have passed the Master in Investigation in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (or another research master that, according to Program Advising Commission is equivalent), an acceptation letter from the PhD advisor and another acceptation letter by the department to which the PhD advisor belongs.

The General Secretariat will transfer the applications to the Doctorate Committee who will study the documentation brought by the candidate and it will issue an acceptation report or an acceptation report conditioned to the achievement of the required competences to start the node/45e and a proposal of which subjects the candidate will have to take.

The Permanent Commission of the Academic Board will proceed to resolve the applications. The decision will be notified to the candidate, the PhD advisor and the Doctorate’s Commission in no longer than amonth after the application is submitted.

Registration Process

Once the candidate's acceptance is communicated, the candidate can proceed to matriculate into the node/45e studies given that the candidate has been admitted to the same program. That said, the registration is not subject to time limits.