The PhD in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering has been awarded the Mention to Excellence ("Mención hacia la Excelencia") of the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science for the academic years 2011-2012 to 2013-2014.

General Objectives

The scientific-profession interest of the program manifests the will of IQS to offer quality Doctorate studies in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. This program represents a continuity which IQS has been following since 1967 until 2010, training doctors in all fields related to Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. Thanks to their incorporation into diverse sectors of industry (pharmacy, alimentary, paintings, polymers…) the doctorate graduates have significantly contributed to an increase in quality,competitiveness, and innovation capacity.

The main objective of the Program is the accomplishment of a doctoral thesis under the supervision of a PhD advisor while working in a research group. There is a three to four year supervised research period. During this time, the PhD candidate will develop an original scientific research in the Chemistry and Chemical Engineering areas. The doctoral thesis will result in a written memory and its lecture in front of anacademic tribunal appointed for the purpose.

The objectives pursued are as follows:

1.To form new doctorswho, have a solid basic knowledge of their modernized and specialized fields of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. Doctors which can thus contribute to consolidate more competitive and modern companies; doctors which assume the necessity of investigation and innovation naturally.

2.To awaken the vocations of professors and university investigators within the node/45e student by training them for this purpose, so they will inculcate the joy of learning to learn.

3.To train investigational professionals which have the most advanced knowledge of their perspective specialties, and which are capable to naturally adapt to the ever constantly changing scientific and technological environment. Doctors who are conscious of the necessity of continuing their education throughout their lives and doctors who are conscious of the necessity learning the methodology necessary for this end.

4.To train doctors whohave a profound professional ethic and who are conscious of the impact theiractivities represent for both nature and mankind.

5.To maintain anelevated level of basic and applied investigation which permits thetransmittance of a permanent spirit of innovation and which also permits acontinuous update of methodological knowledge for all IQS teaching levels.