• Residence Guidelines and Claims and Suggestions Management Procedures

Residence guidelines

In order to remain under the Doctorate Program, thestudent will have to keep up a reasonable daily activity to fulfill the PhDresearch, as well as the teaching and research collaborations he is required by IQS, and the approval of his advisor.

The node/45e research period takes, usually, three to four years. After that period, the student’s residence in the program must be requested to the IQS Doctorate’s Commission, with the consent of his PhD advisor. If a year after the second request, the candidate has not finished his PhD, his registration rights will expire and he will be retired from the node/45e program. However, if the student considers that hisdelay is due to major situation, he will have the possibility to request the Doctorate Commission to study the possibility of not having to abandon the program. The IQS Doctorate Commission will issue a report whether it recommends, or not, the candidate’s permanence in the doctorate program and submit it to the Permanent Commission of the Academic Board, who will take the final decision, which will be communicated to the student through the General Secretariat.Students with special needs will be taken into account, being the PhD advisor the responsible for the personalized monitoring.The PhD advisor, with the collaboration of the IQS’ responsible of these issues, will take the appropriate steps to attend the student’s educationalneeds.

Claims and Suggestions management

Any student of theOfficial Postgraduate and Doctorate Program who desires to formulate suggestions or observations which could contain a complaint or claim should first contact their Program Coordinator/Director. The Program Coordinator/Director will attend the student in a personalized manner.

Dr. Santiago Nonell
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Tel.: (34) 932.672.000
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e-mail: santi.nonell@iqs.edu

Secondly, in the case that the student considers that their observationswere handled insufficiently, the student can formalize their claim by means of a written allegation directed to the Commission of Pursuit of the corresponding Official Postgraduate and Doctorate Program, in accordance with the model facilitated by the center. This Commission will attend the presented claim and notify the student of the resolved allegation by written document.

Lastly, if the student considers the resolution of the Commission of Pursuit unsatisfactory, the student can proceed to an independent figure of the Universidad Ramon Llull Student Defender, whose attributes are described inarticle 20 bis of the Universidad Ramon Llull publications in BOE number 291 ofDecember 3, 2004. The statutes, together with the rules of the Student Defender are public and are available in the following University web page.