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Grants for doctoral studies

IQS annually offers grants of up to three years in duration for doctoral studies at IQS.

The Ramon Llull University Research and Innovation Office regularly publishes announcements for research grants, including actions such as co-financing contracts for research support personnel, pre-doctoral and post-doctoral research contracts, pre-doctoral scholarships, and grants for teaching and research staff mobility. In addition, Ramon Llull University maintains an up-to-date list of public financial aid for which doctoral students are eligible.

The research groups at IQS maintain an active policy of attracting research resources through different channels through public agencies and entities, foundations, and private companies. Particularly relevant actions within the context of the PhD in Bioengineering programme are intended for: equipment and infrastructure, competitive projects (European and Spanish), pre-doctoral scholarships, travel grants for doctoral students (for courses and conferences).
The percentage of students who obtain these grants are:

  • Tuition grants: 100%
  • Pre-doctoral grants/contracts: 100% (all PhD students at IQS have some sort of grant or contract associated with their project)
  • Travel grants: 70% (from public aid and from the URL, associated with projects)
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