• Learning resources

The PhD in Bioengineering programme is taught at the IQS School of Engineering facilities, boasting a total size of 16,649 m2.

The facilities are adapted for people with physical disabilities to be able to go to any office or room to which they may need to access. In cases where adapting spaces to these needs has not been possible due to structural reasons, workspaces have been moved and the plan is to continue doing so to areas where accessibility is not an issue.

The PhD in Bioengineering programme takes place primarily in the facilities of the Bioengineering building, recently built and inaugurated in November 2007, which hosts the classrooms for the master's degree, the hands-on laboratories, and the laboratories of the Bioengineering Department research groups that participate in the PhD in Bioengineering programme.

Resources available to students in the PhD in Bioengineering programme include:

Virtual communication spaces

All members of the IQS community have access to the Internet, email, and access to platforms to support in-person learning , and managing research activities


The IQS School of Engineering features 5,100 m2 of laboratories equipped with a wide range of instruments to meet research needs in the areas of Biotechnology and Bioengineering.


The IQS library provides both print and electronic documentary resources to professors and students to support the learning process, teaching, research, innovation, and continuing education for the IQS academic and research community. The bibliographic and documentary collection includes over 65,000 volumes and around 3,600 periodicals and covers the following subject areas: chemistry, chemical engineering, industrial engineering, food science and technology, the environment, materials science, industrial hygiene and safety, biotechnology, and pharmacy and economics, business management, and ethics. 

Others services

International Relations Office. Career Services, which manages student internship requests and companies' interests in hiring new graduates. Services shared with Ramon Llull University Doctoral Programmes. IQS-AIQS Alumni Association.