• Dr. Albert Fornells

Dr. Albert Fornells
Universidad Ramon Llull
Via Augusta, 390
08017, Barcelona, Spain
+34 932 672 000
+34 932 056 266


University Expert in Revenue Management (2019, School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Sant Ignasi, Ramon Llull University)
Postgraduate in Brand Community Management (2012, laSalle, Ramon Llull University)
PhD in Information Technology and Management (2007, laSalle, Ramon Llull University)
Computer Engineering (2003 laSalle, Ramon Llull University)

Chair of Quantitative Methods Department, IQS, Ramon Llull University (2021-Current)
Full professor at Ramon Llull University (2018-Current)
Head lecturer in subjects related to artificial intelligence, data mining, mathematics, engineering and software development, project management, computer graphics, information systems and electronic distribution, as well as the use and application of Internet technologies in laSalle (Ramon Llull University , 2003-2013), Universitat Oberta laSalle (UOLS, 2013-2015), ENTI (Universitat de Barcelona, 2014-2016), School of Tourism and Hospitality Management (Ramon Llull University, 2013-2021), IQS (Ramon Llull University, 2021-Current).
Vice dean at School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Sant Ignasi, Ramon Llull University (2016-2021)
Chair of Tourism Department, School of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Ramon Llull University (2016-2021)
Assistant Executive Director at Research Group in Intelligence Systems in laSalle, Ramon Llull University (2009-2013)
Researcher and Senior Consultant on Artificial Intelligence Projects, laSalle, Ramon Llull University (2008-2013)



Data Management Skills
Data Analysis in Tourism and Hospitality
Electronic Distribution in Tourism and Hospitality
Revenue Management in Hospitality
Data Visualization
Degree thesis supervisor
PhD student’s supervisor



Data Science
Decision Support Systems based on artificial intelligence
Disruptive technologies in the new challenges of society



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Research Group in Tourism, Hospitality and Mobilities