• Dr Belén Derqui

Dr Belén Derqui


IQS School of Management

Universitat Ramon Llull

Vía Augusta, 390, 08017


Tel.: 93 2672000

Fax: 93 2672032


Ph.D. in Business Sustainability (UPC, 2017)
General Management Program (IESE, 2012)
Master in International Management, M.B.A.  (ESADE, 1988)
Degree in Economics (University of Valencia, 1986)
Associate Professor (IQS School of Management, 2021 - )
Associate Professor (University of Barcelona, 2011-2018)
Professor (EU Business School, 2014-18)


Sales Management, Marketing Research, Global Marketing, Pricing and Sales Promotions, Business to Bussiness Marketing


Business Sustainability, Marketing and Innovation. Food Waste


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Academic Meetings Proceedings

D. Grimaldi, Belén Derqui (2021) Sustainability Certified Schools, are they the most Sustainable?. International Technology Education and Development Conference, INTED 2021.

Gendel -Guterman, H, Derqui, B, (2021) The Vegetarian and Vegan Communities Supporting Sustainability through Responsible Consumption, 8th International Conference on Advances in National Brand and Private Label Marketing, Universitat de Catalunya, Barcelona, 22-23 June, 2021.

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