• Dr. David Castillo-Merino

Dr. David Castillo-Merino
IQS School of Management
Universitat Ramon Llull
Via Augusta, 390. 08017 Barcelona. España
Tel. +34 93 267 20 00


PhD in Information and Knowledge Society (2005, UOC), Master in Tax Advice (1998, UB), Degree in Business Administration (1996, UB).
Lecturar, 2012-2014
Associate Professor, 2014-



Lecturer in Financial and Analytical Accounting, Cost Accounting, Financial Mathematics, in Finance and Accounting Masters.



Research interests

  • Market effects of financial information disclosure.
  • Financial constraints and firms’ growth.



Relevant Publications

Castillo-Merino, D. and Serradell-López, E. (2014). “An Analysis of the Determinants of Students’ Performance in E-learning”, Computers in Human Behavior, 30 (January): 476-484
González-González, I., Serradell-López, E. and Castillo-Merino, D. (2013). “An Approach to the Relationship between Efficiency and Process Management”, Information Systems, E-learning and Knowledge Management Research. Communications in Computer and Information Science, 278: 70-77
Serradell-López, E., Casado-Lumbreras, C. and Castillo-Merino, D. (2013). “Understanding Culture and its Implications for E-Learning”, in García Peñalvo, F.J. (ed.) Multiculturalism in Technology-Based Education, pp. 144-159. (Indexed in Book Citation Index). IGI Global: Hershey. ISBN: 978-1-4666-2101-5.
Ben Youssef, A., Castillo-Merino, D., and Hadhri, W. (2012) “Determinants of Intra-Firm Diffusion Process of ICT”, in Allegrezza, S. and Dubrocard, A. (eds.) Internet Econometrics, pp. 288-313. Palgrave Macmillan: Hampshire and New York. Applied Econometric Association Series. ISBN: 978-0-230-36292-5.
Lytras, M.D., Castillo-Merino, D. and Serradell-López, E. (2010). “New Human Resources Practices, Technology and Their Impact on SME’s Efficiency “, Information Systems Management, 27(3): 1-7.
Castillo-Merino, D. and Plana Erta, D. (2010). “Financial needs for a competitive business model in the knowledge society”, International Jounal of Knowledge Society Research, 1 (4): 69-79.



Research groups

Research Group Corporate Governance