• Dr. Eduard Serra Hosta

Dr. Eduard Serra i Hosta
PQAT. Departamento de Ingeniería Química

Group of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

IQS School of Engineering
Universitat Ramon Llull
Vía Augusta, 390, E-08017 Barcelona, Spain
Tel.: 93 2672000 (ext. 321)
Fax: 93 2056266


PhD Industrial Engineering, (1999, Institut Químic de Sarrià - Universitat Ramon Llull)
Industrial Engineer, (1993, Institut Químic de Sarrià - Universitat Ramon Llull)
Chemical Engineer (1993, Institut Químic de Sarrià)

Assistant professor, 2003-


Professor of Laboratory of Chemical Engineering I, Laboratory of Chemical Engineering II, Laboratory of Chemical and Engineering III, Introduction to the Industrial Security,Environmental, Security and Quality Management,  Industrial Security.


Research Lines

  • Risk evaluation of industrial processes
  • Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry:
  • Thermal stability of chemicals and engineered nanomaterials.
  • Thermal stability of industrial synthesis processes.
  • Intensification of processes for Fine and Specialty Chemistry.
  • Numerical simulation of processes: nuclear fusion reactors.
  • Valorization of wastes.
  • Prevention of occupational risks.


Representative Publications

R.Nomen, J.Sempere, E.Serra; "A comparison of calorimetric measurements by using different reaction calorimeters." Journal of Thermal Análisis, 1997.
E.Serra, R.Nomen, J.Sempere: "Maximum temperature attainable by runaway of synthesis reaction in semi-batch processes." Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries, 1997.
M. Papadaki, R. J. Emery. E. Serra, R. Nomen, J. Sempere; "Sensitivity analysis of the 2-methylpyridine N-oxidation kinetic model." Green Chemistry, 2002.
Bosch, J., Strozzi, F., Serra, E., González, A., Avilés, K., Cano, J., Nomen, R., Sempere, J., Agazzi, G., Bianchi F. i Zaldívar, J.M.; "Analysis of IQS bench scale reactor experiments connected to the EWDS prototype-AWARD Project". Publicació del JRC - European Comisión, 2003.
Nomen, R., Sempere, J., Avilés, K., Serra, E., Sales, J; "Development of the Harsmeth methodology for hazard assessment of highly reactive systems: Harsmeth New Process." Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries, 2007.
J. Sempere; R. Nomen; E. Serra; B. Sempere; D. Guglielmi; “Thermal behavior of oxidation of TiN and TiC nanoparticles”; Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry; 2011
J. Menacho; O. Pou; E. Serra; R. Nomen; X. Tomás; J. Sempere; “Un Método para la simulación de columnas de adsorción”; Afinidad; 2011
Copelli, S., Derudi, M., Sempere, J., Serra, E., Lunghi, A., Pasturenzi, C., Rota, R.; “Emulsion polymerization of vinyl acetate: Safe optimization of a hazardous complex process”; Journal of Hazardous Materials; 2012


Group of Pharmaceutical Chemistry