• Dr M. Victoria Codera Pastor

Dr M. Victoria Codera Pastor

Applied and Analytical Chemistry Department

IQS School of Engineering

Universitat Ramon Llull

Via Augusta 390, 08017 Barcelona

Tel. +34 93 2672050

Fax +34 93 2056266


Ph.D. in Bioengineering (2015, URL)

MSc. in Research in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (2009, URL)

Degree in Chemistry (2008, URL)


  • Analytical Technology laboratory (Master’s Degree in Analytical Chemistry)
  • General and Inorganic Chemistry laboratory (Degree in Pharmacy)
  • Physical-Chemistry laboratory (Degree in Pharmacy)
  • Fundamentals of Chemical and Biological Laboratory (Degrees in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology, and Industrial Technology Engineering; assistant professor)
  • General Chemistry (Degree in Pharmacy, assistant professor)


Codera, V.; Edgar, K.J.; Faijes M.; Planas, A. ‘Functionalized celluloses with regular substitution pattern by glycosynthase-catalyzed polymerization’, Biomacromolecules 2016, 17 (4), 1272-9.

Codera, V.; Gilbert, H.J.; Faijes M.; Planas, A. ‘CBM assisting glycosynthase polymerization’, Biochemical Journal 2015, 470 (1), 15-22.

Antoni Planas, Magda Faijes and Victoria Codera, ‘When enzymes do it better’, Royal Society of Chemistry, published in Carbohydrate Chemistry: State of the Art and Challenges for Drug Development, Imperial Collage Press, London, UK, 2015, ISBN: 978-1-78326-719-4.