• Dr. Marc Carnicer Heras

Dr. Marc Carnicer Heras
Bioengineering Department

Chemical Biology and Biotechnology Group

Universitat Ramon Llull
Via Augusta 390, E-08017
Barcelona, Spain
Tel.: +34 932 672 276


Degree in Biochemistry (UB, 2007)
Doctor in Biotechnology (UAB, 2012)
Post-doctoral research in metabolomics and metabolic flux analysis (LISBP - INSA de Toulouse, 2012-2015)
Assistant Professor (IQS, 2015 - )


Laboratorio 5: Bioreactores y Bioprocesos (Grado Biotecnología)
Procesos de Separación y Purificación (Grado Biotecnología)
Genómica, Proteómica y Metabolómica (Grado Biotecnología)


research lines

  • Optimization of recombinant protein and metabolite production using metabolic flux analysis.
  • Utilization of alternative carbon sources (e.g. methanol) to obtain biotechnological products.
  • Metabolic engineering based on metabolic flux balance (FBA).


relevant publications

Joel Jordà, Hugo Cueto Rojas, Marc Carnicer, Aljoscha Wahl, Pau Ferrer, Joan Albiol. Quantitative metabolomics and instationary 13C-metabolic flux analysis reveals impact of recombinant protein production on trehalose and energy metabolism in Pichia pastoris. Metabolites 2014,  May 2:281-99.
Gilles Vieira, Marc Carnicer, Jean-Charles Portais, Stéphanie Heux. FindPath: A Matlab solution for in silico design of synthetic metabolic pathways. Bioinformatics 2014, Oct 20:2986-8.
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Marc Carnicer, Angela ten Pierick, Jan van Dam, Joseph J. Heijnen, Joan Albiol, Walter van Gulik and Pau Ferrer. Quantitative metabolomics analysis of amino acid metabolism in recombinant Pichia pastoris under different oxygen availability conditions. Microbial Cell Factoris 2012, 11:83.
Carnicer, M., Canelas, A. B., Pierick, A., Zeng, Z., Dam, J., Albiol, J., Ferrer, P., Heijnen, J. J., and Gulik, W. Development of quantitative metabolomics for Pichia pastoris. Metabolomics 2012, 8:284-298.
Baumann, Kristin*; Carnicer, Marc*; Dragosits, Martin; Graf, Alexandra B; Stadlmann, Johannes; Jouhten, Paula; Maaheimo, Hannu; Gasser, Brigitte; Albiol, Joan; Mattanovich, Diethard and Ferrer, Pau. A multi-level study of recombinant Pichia pastoris in different oxygen conditions. BMC Systems Biology. 2010, 4: 141-163. *Equal contribution
Carnicer, Marc; Baumann, Kristin; Töplitz, Isabel; Sánchez-Ferrando, Francisco; Mattanovich, Diethard; Ferrer, Pau and Albiol, Joan. Macromolecular and elemental composition analysis and extracellular metabolite balances of Pichia pastoris growing at different oxygen levels. Microbial Cell Factories. 2009, 8: 65-78.
Resina, David; Mauer, Michael; Cos, Oriol; Arnau, Carolina; Carnicer, Marc; Marx, Hans; Gasser, Brigitte; Valero, Francisco; Mattanovich, Diethard; Ferrer, Pau. Engineering of bottlenecks in Rizopus oryzae production in Pichia pastoris using the nitrogen source-regulated FLD1 promoter. N Biotechnology. 2009, 25: 396-403. 



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