• Dr. Marco A. Pérez

Dr. Marco Antonio Pérez
IQS School of Engineering
Universitat Ramón Llull
Vía Augusta 390, 08017 Barcelona, España
Tel.: +34 932 672 000 Ext. 341
Fax: +34 932 056 266  


PhD in Eng. Structural Analysis (2012, UPC - BarcelonaTech), Bachelor of Music - Sonology (2009 ESMUC), BSc, MEng, Industrial Engineering - Mechanical (2005, UPC - BarcelonaTech).

Associate Professor at the Department of Industrial Engineering, 2019 -
Coordinator of the MSc in Industrial Engineering, 2021 -
Coordinator of the SEAT-IQS Applied Mechanics Laboratory, 2018 -



Professor of Strength of Materials, Structural Analysis, Industrial Constructions and Experimental Mechanics.


  • Methods for damage identification in structures based on spectral correlation and artificial intelligence.
  • Mechanics of cellular solids and advanced structures of additive manufacturing and composite materials.



On the effect upon the surface finish and mechanical performance of ball burnishing process on fused filament fabricated parts. AC de Bruijn, G Gómez-Gras, MA Pérez. 2021 Additive Manufacturing 46, 102133 10.1016/j.addma.2021.102133

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Fracture assessment of polycarbonate parts produced by fused deposition modeling in the out-of-plane printing direction–effect of raster angle. I Sedighi, MR Ayatollahi, B Bahrami, MA Pérez, A García. 2021 Rapid Prototyping Journal. 10.1108/RPJ-08-2020-0191

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The effect of in-plane layer orientation on mixed-mode I-II fracture behavior of 3D-printed poly-carbonate specimens. B Bahrami, MR Ayatollahi, I Sedighi, MA Pérez, AA Garcia-Granada. 2020 Engineering Fracture Mechanics 231, 107018. j.engfracmech.2020.107018

Mechanical study on the impact of an effective solvent support-removal methodology for FDM Ultem 9085 parts. AC de Bruijn, G Gómez-Gras, MA Pérez. 2020 Polymer Testing 85, 106433. j.polymertesting.2020.106433

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Industrial Products Engineering Group (GEPI)