• Dra. Judith Báguena Polo

Dra. Judith Báguena Polo
IQS School of Engineering
Universitat Ramon Llull
Via Agusta 390, 08017 Barcelona
Tel. +34 93 2672000
Fax +34 93 2056266


Ph.D. in Chemistry (2008, URL)
Environmental Master (2000, IQS).
Chemical Engineer (1999, IQS)
Degree in Chemistry (1997, URL)

Assistant Professor (2004- )

Coordinator of Chemical Degree (2020- )
Responsible for the Quality Management IQS School of Engineering (2000- )


Analytical Chemistry Laboratory (Degree in Chemistry)
Chemical and Engineering Laboratory I (Degree in Chemical Engineering)
Environmental, Security and Quality Management (Degree in Chemistry)
Health, Safety and Environmental Management (Degree in Chemical Engineering)
Project, Quality and Intellectual Property Management (Bioengineering Master)
Project Management (Pharmaceutical Chemistry Master)
Project Management and Laboratories (Analytical Chemistry Master)


Research Lines

  • Quality management in chemical laboratories: validation of analytical procedures and metrological confirmation of equipment.
  • Quality Management in Higher Education.


Representative Publications

Quintela, M.; Báguena, J.; Gotor, G.; Blanco, M.J.; Broto, F.; Do we agree with chromatograph operational qualification provided from manufacturers?, Afinidad, 70 (2013), 6-12.

Quintela, M., Báguena, J., Gotor, G., Blanco, M J., Broto, F.; Estimation of the uncertainty with the results based on the validation of chromatographic analysis procedures: Application to the determination of chlorides by high performance liquid chromatography and of fatty acids by high resolution gas chromatography, Journal of Chromatography A, 1223, (2012), 107-117.

Quintela, M.; Báguena, J.; Broto, F.; Margarit, L.; Blanco, M.J.; Optimización y revalidación del análisis de nitrógeno por el método Kjeldahl en muestras de taurina, Afinidad, 66 (2009), 200-205.

Báguena, J.; Gotor, G.; Broto, F.; Blanco, M.J.; Cálculo de la incertidumbre asociada a los resultados basado en la validación de un procedimiento de análisis. Aplicación en la determinación de cloruros por HPLC en lixiviados, Afinidad, 65 (2008), 11-19.

Báguena, J.; Comellas, Ll.; Blanco, M.J.; Implementación de un Sistema de Calidad basado en la gestión por procesos en laboratorios docentes de experimentación química, Afinidad, 63 (2006), 270-276.

Báguena, J.; Blanco, M.J.; Gestión de equipos en laboratorios de análisis químico, Afinidad, 63 (2006), 7-12.

Llaverias, N.; Báguena, J.; Reyes, G.; Comellas, Ll.; Blanco, M.J.; Accreditation, present quality and future improvement the IQS Chemical Engineering Program Accreditation, International Conference on Engineering and Computer Education, ICECE05 (2005), ISBN: 84-609-8151-7.


Research Groups

Analytical Chemistry Group