• Dra. Mónica Martínez Blasco

Dra. Mónica Martínez Blasco
Research Group Corporate Governance
IQS School of Management
Universitat Ramon Llull
Via Augusta 390, 08017 Barcelona ext 366


Ph.D. por la Universitat Ramon Llull (IQS, 2004)
Bachelor in Business Administration (IQS, 2000)

Associate professor since October 2008



Accounting Management; level: Bachelor degree, since October 2005
Applied Corporate Finance; level: Bachelor degree since February 2006
Topics in Financial Research; level: Master of Research, since October 2009


Research Lines

  • Corporate Governance.
  • Financial Markets Efficiency.


Representative Publications

Vivas-Crisol, L., Martínez-Blasco, M., García-Blandón, J. (2012) "20 años de investigación sobre Gobierno Corporativo Internacional", Revista General de Información y Documentación, vol. 22, 267-278.

Martínez-Blasco, M., García-Blandón, J., Argilés-Bosch, J.M., Ivanovic, S. (2012) “The informational content of Annual General Meetings; the case of Spanish small capitalization companies", China-USA Business Review, 11(4), 217-227.

García-Blandón, J., Martínez-Blasco, M., González-Sabaté, L. (2012) “Does the Annual General Meeting involve the release of relevant information in non-common law markets? Evidence from Spain”, Revista Española de Financiación y Contabilidad, vol XLI-154, 209-232 .

García-Blandón, J., Martínez-Blasco, M., Argilés-Bosch, J.M. (2011) “Ex-dividend day returns when dividend and capital gains are taxed at the same rate”, Czech Journal of Economics and Finance-Finance u ver, 61(2), 140-152.

Richart-Ramón, A., Martínez-Blasco, M., García-Blandón, J. (2011) “Análisis de la Producción Científica sobre Gobierno Corporativo a través de ISI Web of Science”, Revista Española de Documentación Científica, 34(1), 79-101.

García-Blandón, J., Argilés-Bosch,J.M., Martínez-Blasco, M. (2013) Earnings management and audit qualifications: a non-matched sample approach a J. Kensinger (ed.) Research in Finance, 29, Emerald Group Publishing Limited, Uk, pp. 31-64.

García-Blandón, J., Martínez-Blasco, M., Argilés-Bosch, J.M. (2011) “The Role of Annual General Meetings in a Civil-Law Country” in Kose, J., Makhija, A.K. (ed) International Corporate Governance (Advances in Financial Economics, vol. 14.), Emerald Group Publishing Limited, UK, pp. 87-108.


Research Groups

 Research Group Corporate Governance