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Dra. Núria Agulló Chaler

Materials Engineering Group (GEMAT)

Universidad Ramon Llull
Via Augusta 390, E-08017 Barcelona, Spain
Tel .: + 34 932 672 000
Fax: +34 932 056 266


Chemical Engineer (IQS), specializing Analytical Chemistry (1994)

Research Scientist , 2000-
Member of Grup d'Enginyeria de Materials GEMAT, Group member of Tecnio, Network of technology transfer of ACCIO10 (Generalitat de Catalunya. Research consolidated group SGR2009, Generalitat de Catalunya.


Materials Technology (Industrial Engineering)
Polymeric and Ceramics Materials

Technologies for joining materials

Líneas de Investigación

  • Vulcanization Chemistry
  • Polymeric composites and nanocomposites
  • Elastomeric formulations

Representative Publications

Borros, S; Agullo, N
Title: Some contributions to the understanding of the accelerating system during natural rubber vulcanization - I. Behavior of sulfenamide, Kautschuk Gummi Kunststoffe, 53 (3): 131-136, 2000

Rodriguez, S; Masalles, C; Agullo, N; Borrós, S., Identification of the intermediates sulfur vulcanization of natural rubber, Kautschuk Gummi Kunststoffe, 52 (6): 438-445, 1999

Agullo, N; Borros, S, Qualitative and quantitative determination of the polymer content in rubber formulations, Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, 67 (3): 513-522 2002

Vega, B; Montero, L; Lincoln, S; Agulló, N., Borrós, S., Control of vulcanizing/devulcanizing behavior of diphenyl disulfide with microwaves as the heating source, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 108 (3): 1969-1975, 2008

Vega, B; Agullo, N; Borros, S, Study of the influence of microwaves in the mechanism of sulfenamide accelerated vulcanization of natural rubber using squalene as a model compound, Rubber Chemistry and Technology, 80 (5): 739-750, 2007

Research Groups

Materials Engineering Group (GEMAT)