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IQS is pleased to continue providing you with information on our Master's Degrees, Dual Master's Degrees, and Postgraduate Programme. In the upcoming months we're offering both online and on campus Open Day Sessions. You can find the form to sign up for the sessions at the bottom of the page. Choose the Master's Degree that interests you most and the type of session that best suits your needs, both in terms of the format and the date.

Online session

They are 40-minute online zoom sessions where the coordinator will explain the details of your program.

 22-25 January and 19-22 February

Online session on admission process

They are 30-minute online zoom sessions focused solely on the admission process and scholarships.

New dates soon.

On-campus Open Days

We offer face-to-face sessions so that you can come and visit our facilities. The master's coordinator will explain the most important aspects of the programme.

19 March

Online personalized interview

If you prefer to treat your situation in a personalized way, you can book a one-tone-one session by zoom. We will solve all your doubts and provide you with the information you need.

Essentials for international students

If you're thinking about coming to study at IQS, get connected with Barcelona through this online sessions.

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