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What does the Admission Test consist of?

The online admissions test is psychotechnical and also includes written exercises to evaluate your level of English. If you have have a B2 or equivelent level of English certificate and you have submitted it during online pre-registration, you do not need to take the English exam.

The admission tests will be sent by email at 3.30pm on the chosen date. The duration of the test is approximately 3 hours. The day before the test, we  will communicate by email the instructions to carry it out.

The limit to register for a date to make the admission test is 24 hours before the chosen day.

The dates for the admission exam to any undergraduate programme or dual undergraduate programme (including the Undergraduate Programme in Pharmacy) are:

Admission test dates

7 September*

*This date is only available for the Undergraduate Programmes in Chemistry/Chemical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Business Administration, Tourism and Marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time do I have to take the test?
You have 24 hours to take the test: from 3:30 pm on the day the test begins until 3:30 pm the following day.

How long is the test?
The duration of the psychotechnical test along with the English test is three hours. In the event that you are exempt from taking the English test, the test will take you about two hours.

If I have a certificate that proves my English level, do I have to take the English test?
No, you are exempt. However, please note that the English test will appear by default when you enter the exam. All you have to do is check the first box to specify that you have an English level certificate that you have already uploaded to the pre-registration platform. After checking the box, you must click the save button.

Do I have to take the test right away?
We recommend doing so. Estimate the time you will need to take the test and once you start it, don't leave the platform until you finish. Nonetheless, if you need to stop for some reason and come back to the test later, the platform saves your progress so you can resume it.

Do I need a microphone and camera to do the test?
No. All you need is a computer with an internet connection.

When will I know the result?
In 15 days. If you took the test around the Easter or Christmas holidays, this period may be delayed.

How will I receive the email?
Please note that the sender of the email from which you will be sent the admissions test result is: Check your spam and promotions folders in case the email went there.