• 1. Online Pre-registration

First step for the admission process

Create an account and login at iqs.edu/en/pre-registration. Once you have an account, you can check the status of your application at any time.

Documentation to upload:

  • Results form the 1st level of Bachillerato and the evaluations already finished in the 2nd level of Bachillerato.
  • If you are not studying Baccalaureate, certification of the studies you are carrying out.
  • Baccalaureate certificate and grades of the PAU (only if you have the results).
  • English level accreditation: C1, Advanced, TOEFL 80 or equivalent for students who wish to study the Undergraduate Program in Business Administration and Management integrally taught in English.


You must choose the date to take the admission test when processing the request, according to the established calendar.

If you want to enrol in the Undergraduate Programme in Business Administration and Management taught entirely in English and you do not have an official degree, you can take the level test in IQS, on 28 June and 3 September at 9 am. To take test you must inform the General Secretariat of IQS of your preferred date at secretaria@iqs.edu.

During the process, you must pay €125 to open and process the file. The payment must be made at least 24 hours before the day you have selected for taking the admissions test in order to ensure that you correctly receive the email to connect to the test. The payment will be refunded solely if the student is not admitted to IQS. Please contact the IQS Registrar if you have any further questions at: secretaria@iqs.edu.

At the end of the reservation process, you can print the receipt where your personal information and the date for the admission exam will appear.


Online Pre-registration