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  • 4. Pre-enrolment


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The pre-enrolment payment is mandatory and is the step that must be taken before the enrolment period opens, during which time students must formalize their enrolment.

Once admitted, you have a period of 2 weeks to make your pre-registration payment on the online pre-registration platform by credit or debit card. Otherwise, it will be understood that the student is not interested in continuing with the process and their pre-enrolment will be cancelled.

Pre-enrolment does not entail an additional cost as the sum will be deducted from the total tuition fees when payment is made.

The payment is only refunded in the event that a student does not meet the requirements to access studies at IQS (not having passed the PAU exams, not passing studies prior to accessing university, or not having obtained their student visa), notwithstanding the right of withdrawal under the legally established terms.*.

Pre-Enrolment sums:

  • Undergraduate Programme in Pharmacy: €6,705
  • Undergraduate Programme in Biomedical Sciences: €3,000
  • Undergraduate Programme in International Business: €3,000
  • Other Undergraduate Programmes and Dual Undergraduate Programmes: €1,000


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RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL during the stages of the Admissions and Enrolment processes: With regards to all previous paperwork procedures and payments associated with these processes, applicants can exercise their legal right to withdrawal as established in the Spanish General Law on Consumer and User Defence. To this end, applicants have a period of fourteen calendar days following the payment date of the corresponding procedure to exercise their rights, with no need to justify their decision without penalties or expenses of any nature, which will imply the full refund of sums paid for the item in question. Exercising the right of withdrawal does not entail submitting any specific form. However, applicants can use the form that can be requested from the IQS Registrar’s Office. To exercise this right, applicants must send an email addressed to the IQS Registrar’s Office ( expressly stating their personal data, the data providing information on the procedure in question for which the right of withdrawal is being exercised, and the decision to exercise it. Exercising the right of withdrawal within the established period means that IQS will refund the sums paid within the period of fourteen calendar days as of the date on which notification of the withdrawal was made, via the same payment method used by the applicant to make the corresponding payment or by bank transfer.