• Program in Professional Intensification for engineers (PPI) Covestro-IQS



COVESTRO and IQS establish a Program in Professional Intensification for engineers (PPI) to complement the university academic education with enhancing skills and gaining experience of the engineers recently egressed in the areas of Chemical Engineering, Industrial Engineering or Materials Science and Engineering.

Master level graduates of IQS will intensify their in-company experience by joining the factories of COVESTRO and several of its functional departments, and working in their respective tasks.

At COVESTRO, participants will live along one year the working environment of an industrial multinational company and will further develop their skills in management, leadership, team working and self-learning

The Program is focussed to committed, responsible, environmentally concerned and open-minded young professionals who are interested in developing their professional career in an industrial multinational company.

Application Instructions
Program Details

Application conditions: Candidates should have be enrolled in the Master Thesis or have recently finished a Master's Degree in Chemical EngineeringIndustrial Engineering or Materials Science and Engineering at IQS when applying to the Program.

Incorporation to the program: The selected candidates must have a Master's Degree before starting the program.

Employment conditions: COVESTRO will hire the participants with a labour contract will have a maximum duration up to one year (two periods of six months). COVESTRO will not acquire any commitment or responsibility on the possible future recruitment of the participant at the end of this program. Remuneration, benefits, and labor conditions, shall be in accordance to the general labor contract of application in Spain. Participants must accept the particular conditions of the Program and will sign an agreement which will also include a compromise to complete entirely the Program.

Language: The participants must possess a C1 (Advanced, TOEFL 85) level of English language. The students will also have the opportunity to learn German thanks to the classes included in the Program. 

Mentoring: Participants will receive support from an Academic mentor at IQS and an Industrial mentor at COVESTRO.

Certificate: COVESTRO and IQS will issue a joint-diploma to certify the participation of whom successfully fulfilled the entire Program.