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How was Eva's experience?

Eva Vives

Eva is a Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering student who is currently doing her Master Thesis associated with a company, where she is also doing her in-company internship. Below, you can read about the highlights of the master's degree and Eva's personal assessment.

Could you briefly describe the master's degree?

This a master's degree makes it possible to obtain professional qualification as a Senior Engineer. It provides an overview of engineering, from the more technical aspects to the project management and business sides.

What stands out about the programme?

I would highlight that the programme focuses on hands-on work since half of the classes are in the laboratory.
I also think the small classes are a huge plus, especially the laboratory classes, which have a maximum of five or six students.

Why did you decide to do this master's degree?

I earned Bachelor's Degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design Engineering and I was interested in acquiring professional qualification as a Senior Engineer and gaining a broader vision of engineering. I wanted to obtain a wider perspective of engineering to round out my education, and this master's degree covers many disciplines and enables me to gain knowledge in many fields.

What subjects and laboratory work did you like the most?

I found the Industrial Construction, Thermal and Fluid Engineering, and Building Installations classes to be really interesting. I was also able to take other subjects that didn't attract my attention at first, and which I had little knowledge about, but they ended up making it possible for me to discover areas I was unfamiliar with.

Most of the laboratory work was really interesting. I would highlight the Computer Integrated Manufacturing laboratory, where we were able to work with a collaborative robot.

Why did you choose IQS?

Because it is a highly valued university and I thought that, above all, it would help me in terms of finding a job in the future once I finish the master's degree.

What's your personal assessment?

During the first year of the master's degree, I was able to strengthen some of the knowledge that I had acquired during my undergraduate studies (Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design Engineering), especially in laboratory work. It has helped me to delve into areas that I wasn't familiar with and obtain a general view of all the possibilities available to a Senior Industrial Engineer.

I would also highlight how approachable the professors are and how they are always helpful.

During the second (and last) year, I am focusing on the mechanics specialty as well as taking some complementary subjects in Chemistry and Electricity that I wasn't able to do in my undergraduate studies. I have also started my in-company internship, which allows me to see aspects that I studied during my bachelor's degrees and the master's degree, and it also gives me the choice of associating my Final Master Thesis with the internship.

To sum up, I would highlight the usefulness of the laboratory classes and all the equipment used in them, the small groups, and the approachable professors. 

What do you think the master's degree has brought you personally and professionally?

On a personal level, I was warmly welcomed considering I didn't do my undergraduate studies here.

The programme has also helped me gain confidence in myself and see how I'm able to face many situations, as well becoming more independent. The fact that we did group projects enabled me to learn to work on a team and work with different points of view.

What advice would you give to a future student who wants to study this master's degree?

I would tell them that it's a master's degree that involves many hours of work and study, but it’s worth it. Above all, what’s important is learning new things from different fields. You have to take advantage of the university and the facilities and opportunities it offers.

What was your internship like? Can you tell us about it?

I started my internship three weeks ago at a construction company (COMSA) in the R&D&i department. They have been really welcoming, even considering the atypical situation we are experiencing with COVID-19. Above all, I am learning about and experiencing a large number of real projects that have been carried out, that are in process, or that will soon be carried out.

They've really adapted to my availability (which isn't easy because I am currently taking three classes) and they have also given me the opportunity to associate one of the projects I'm working on with my Final Master Thesis.