• Objectives and Competences


Objectives of the Postgraduate Program in Biotech and Pharmaceutical Industry

The main aim of this Postgraduate Program in Biotech and Pharmaceutical Industry is to prepare future graduates for an international job environment within the biotech and pharmaceutical industries and be able to adapt easily to the respective work processes. 

Specific objectives: 

  • To understand how the forces driving science and business interact in the real world
  • To gain practical knowledge and and to develop core competencies in order to become more valuable to employers 
  • To develop key analytical thought processes and learn how to apply them in the industry 
  • To learn how to work in a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural setting where English is the primary language


The Postgraduate Program in Biotech and Pharmaceutical Industry will help you acquire the following competences :

  • Strategic Thinking: Capability to fully understand and design solutions and pathways for common issues in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry, based on the general understanding of the sector provided by the program.
  • Critical Analysis: Capability to review, analyze and understand critically potential provided to take decisions and specific actions.
  • Decision Making Problem Solving: Capability to act with empathy and to apply leadership concepts provided to take decisions and specific actions.
  • Communication and Negotiation Skills: Capability to communicate effectively with peers, management or potential partners in the sector. Capacity to apply in a real world negotiation the set of skills learnt in the program.
  • Teamwork: Capacity to work effectively within a team.


Specific competences :

  • R&D Strategic Analysis: Capability to understand the issues and implications of a diversified pipeline of projects, taking into account inherent risks in this industry.
  • IP Coverage: Capacity to integrate the relevance and strategic value of IP protection applied to projects in development.
  • Understanding Partnerships: Capability to analyse and understand the importance of collaborations of different kinds between companies in this specific sector.
  • A Regulated Industry: Capacity to evaluate and understand the deep implications of tight regulations and market access issues in the biotech and pharmaceutical marrket, which is specific of the sector.
    Project Management: Capability to apply commonly used tools in the management of R&D projects in this sector.
  • Personal Branding: Understanding the importance of your personal brand and how to develop and improve it with the objective to advance your career in the biotech and pharmavceutical industry.