• CETIS Faculty

CETIS Faculty

Professors and research staff from IQS, the University of Deusto, and Comillas Pontifical University are the faculty members of the PhD in Business and Territorial Competitiveness, Innovation and Sustainability.

The programme features a coordinator at Deusto Business School (University of Deusto) and two assistant coordinators at the IQS School of Management (Ramon Llull University) and at ICADE (Comillas Pontifical University).

  • The coordinator of the programme at the University of Deusto is Iñaki Peña Legazkue.
  • The assistant coordinator at the IQS School of Management is Ramon Palau Saumell.
  • The assistant coordinator at Comillas Pontifical University is Carmen Valor Martínez.

University of Deusto and Comillas Pontifical University faculty

All IQS professors engage in research projects on various topics within the research groups at the IQS School of Management. PhD candidates can join these projects to carry out their research. 


Dr. Ramon Palau Saumell
Business Management
Dr. Francesc Prior Sanz
Economics and Finances
Dr. David Castillo-Merino
Departamento de Economía y Finanzas
Dr. Flavio Comim
Economics and Finances
Dr. Albert Fornells
Quantitative Methods
Dr. Belén Derqui
Business Management
Dr. Josep García Blandón
Economics and Finances
Dra. Gilda Hernandez-Maskvivker
Tourism and Hospitality Management
Dra. Mónica Martínez-Blasco
Economics and Finances
Dr. Jorge Matute Vallejo
Business Management