• International Mention

1. The title of doctor may include on its obverse the mention "International Doctor" provided that the following circumstances are met:

  • That, during the training period necessary to obtain a PhD, the PhD student has completed a minimum stay of three months outside of Spain at a prestigious higher education institution or research center studying or doing research. The stay can not be in the country of the doctorate's habitual residence. The stays and activities will be endorsed by the director and authorized by the academic committee and incorporated into the doctorate activities document.

  • That part of the doctoral thesis, at least the summary and conclusions, has been drafted and presented in one of the usual languages ​​for scientific communication in its field of knowledge, different from any of the official languages ​​in Spain, except in the cases in which the stay, reports and experts come from a Spanish-speaking country.

  • That the thesis has been informed by a minimum of two experts belonging to a higher education institution or non-Spanish research institute.

  • That at least one expert doctor belonging to a foreign higher education institution or research center and other than the one responsible for the stay mentioned in section (a) has been part of the evaluation tribunal.


2. The application for the mention "International Doctor" must be submitted when submitting the thesis together with the documentation that proves compliance with the aforementioned requirements. The Academic Committee of the Program will endorse the suitability of the experts who inform the thesis through reasoned writing.

The defense of the thesis must be carried out at the university in which the doctoral student was enrolled; in the case of joint doctoral programs, at any of the participating universities or under the terms indicated in the corresponding collaboration agreement.