Monday, 12 July, 2021
IQS Tech Transfer


Dr. Oriol Gallemí Rovira, Profesor del Departamento de Ingeniería Industrial e investigador del grupo de investigación GEPI de IQS
Ibuki Kusano, Industrial Engineering professor and member of the Industrial Process Engineering Group (GEPI) at the IQS School of Engineering  

1. What do you like most about your job?
Working with students.

2. What would you like to spend more time doing?
I wish I had more time to play the piano.

3. What do you feel proudest of?
Having lived in different parts of the world and being able to adapt to very different cultures and languages.

4. What value do you appreciate most in people?
Sincerity and kindness.

5. Where's a place you'd like to visit?

I would love to be able to visit Alaska.

6. What's a dream you'd like to pursue?
Keep traveling to places I haven't been yet, like places in Africa or southern Asia.

7. What do you have left to learn?
A lot! But if I had time, I'd love to learn how to paint.