Where should I go to study abroad?
To find all the Schools, Colleges and Universities with whom we have an Agreement, you can consult the list directly at our IQS webpage. To find the School that interests you most, it depends in which program you want to study, the culture, your capacity of integration to a language different than Spanish and your financial capacity. Finally, you need to achieve each school’s requirements to be able to apply at the school that interests you most.

How can I find a residential house abroad?
Most of the universities in the USA required that all students must stay in the campus residential houses. Also, IQS International Relations office can get in touch with the institution where you will go study abroad to receive and give you information for your accommodation.

What is the first step to do if I want to study abroad?
You can look through our website to find information about the institutions with whom we have a Bilatereal Agreement. Afterward, the first step to do is to get in touch with the International Relations office at IQS. They will give you all the information you need to know about how to study abroad, the conditions required and the documents you have to fill out.

How can I find information about scholarships to study abroad?
You can find the information about this subject directly on our webpage. If you need more information about scholarships, you may also make an appointment with the International Relations office at IQS.